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AwesomeCast 346: Decepticon Bag

Sorg, Chilla and Katie are joined by Ryan Haggerty of Haggerty Media this week for AwesomeCast 346. The crew is talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology, including:

  • Remember to check out this week’s AwesomeChat with Ashleigh Deemer when it’s released later this week, too!
  • Ryan is sharing a DIY iPhone 6s as his Awesome Thing of the Week this week.
  • For those who may have missed it, Katie is sharing her Gobblerito experience.
  • Gobblerito aside, Katie is sharing Alien In Utero and its VR experience.
  • We’ve got some S8 updates – including Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week…his bag to carry one.
  • Want to soar with the eagles at the Pittsburgh National Aviary? Sorg is telling us about Birdly.
  • Have a site that’s not working? Check out www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com to confirm if it’s just you!
  • Brandon is sharing the Arcade Bar concept as his fan submission Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • We do have some great arcade options in Pittsburgh – like PAPA and Looking For Group.
  • Nintendo is working on the SNES Classic Edition next – just in time for Christmas!
  • We’re just a bunch of kids from the 1990s/2000s wanting gaming consoles for Christmas now (just a few years older).
  • Uber is looking to launch (wait for it) on-demand flights?
  • Sling Box is developing a portable studio. Sorg is mortgaging the studio as we speak.
  • GoPro’s Fusion spherical camera and Facebook’s new 360 camera are bringing some options to 360 video.
  • Tattoos that make sound? It’s a thing.

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AwesomeCast 329: Right Behind The Cutting Edge

It’s our last episode of the year.  We’re getting geeky and nostalgic – checking our predictions from last year and talking tech and social media predictions for 2017, with the local nerds that use it on AwesomeCast 329!

– We’re LIVE with our year-end Christmas show with Doug Derda and Cynthia Closkey, talking about our awesome things of the year on this week’s episode.
– Sling and cordcutting were our awesome things of the year for 2015 as we reflected back last year.
– Meerkat? Wow!
– Cynthia is sharing her awesome thing of the year for 2016 – her smart watch (Apple Watch) and wearables in general.
– Sorg is sharing his woes over the Pebble buyout in comparison to the Apple Watch.
– Doug is pitching a Kickstarter campaign for a Kickstarter movie talking about Kickstarter campaigns.
– Google Glass is still a discussion at the end of 2016.
– Wheelz is sharing his awesome thing of the year – his Samsung phone.
– Doug is sharing Facebook LIVE as his awesome thing of the year and how interesting instacontent is.
– Speaking of bleeding edge tech – we can’t help but talk about iJustine and how she was livestreaming a decade ago.
– How do you stand out in a tidal wave of content now that instacontent is so available?
– Are people looking at instacontent for content or for interaction with other people?
– Doug is teaching us about the Musically app through his son’s usage.
– Sorg’s awesome thing of the year is self-driving cars – especially since he’s been in one!
– Speaking of self-driving cars, studies show traffic would be better with less traffic lights.

– It’s 2016 prediction recap time!
— Doug was WRONG with his prediction about online superstardom.
— Cynthia is recapping her accurate mom factor prediction about streaming programming.
— AI advancement prediction by Chilla is ACCURATE! (You can thank Alexa, Sir.)
— DJ Lunchbox’s iPhone7 prediction – ACCURATE! (WTH headphone jacks?)
— Technology to communicate with pets. Sorry Katie, we’re not sure whether Catterbox counts this year.

– Apple’s biggest innovation – a phone that doesn’t explode!

– Predictions for 2017!
— Doug predicts Google+ will finally die.
— Sorg thinks Twitter will not be an independent company by the end of 2017. Will it go to Verizon?
— Cynthia thinks VR video will not be a thing next year, as in it’s not going anywhere, and we won’t know why. She doesn’t believe it will get past Cardboard and it’ll be at least another 3 years before we see any solid movement with VR.
— Rizz predicts the Nintendo Switch will revolutionize gaming

– Thanks for a great (at least by way of tech) 2016! Make sure to hit us up with what tech Santa brought you!

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