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Awesome Chat: UpTo

We’re talking with Sarah Mayer and Jennifer Highfield of UpTo about how they’re connecting small businesses and freelancers with pop up events and more in and around Pittsburgh!

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AwesomeCast 226: Live from Podcamp Pittsburgh 9

AwesomeCast - Podcamp Pittsburgh 9This week on Awesomecast 226, we’re live from Podcamp Pittsburgh 9 at Point Park University!  Recorded Sunday, November 23. We discuss:

  • Hack Summit – a coding conference 3:40
  • TouchCast!  An iPad video shooting and streaming app discovered at Podcamp! 7:20
  • We discuss Mixlr.com for quick and social audio broadcasting thanks to Alex Kahrs! 12:20
  • Drunk Mode so you can figure out where you went and find your friends when you get drunk! 14:31
  • The “We’re Still Here” Podcasting panel invades!  We discuss what it takes for a podcast to last long with Will Rutherford (@panelriot) Zach Rizza (@theerizz), Doug Derda (@sidt), and Dan Greenwald (@comicbookpitt). 18:00
  • Mulango Akpo Esembe (@ramblingmango) joins us to talk about what he got from Podcamp Pittsburgh this weekend. 32:40
  • Yahoo takes over search on Firefox 35:50
  • Facebook Groups App 38:45
  • Dominos ordering from your Xbox 360 39:45
  • Check out  for a great deal on ThinkUp, MetaFilter, and more! 41:40

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Eat at Slice on Broadway if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! (sliceonbroadway.com)

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