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AwesomeCast 353: Go On Without Me

Sorg is in the middle of nowhere this week, so we’re back on Google Hangouts with him, Chilla and Katie.  The gang talks what’s new in tech this week for AwesomeCast 353, including:

  • Katie is talking about her Awesome Thing of the Week with Instagram replay options.
  • Chilla must be looking to upgrade Studio C. He’s sharing IKEA AR options.
  • Sorg is sharing Academy Pittsburgh as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • The Girl Scouts are doing more than just cookie sales. How about teaching the next generation of female hackers?
  • Fuze Code will let kids use their Nintendo Switch to code their own games.
  • Twitch has an exclusive deal with Blizzard for major esport events.
  • Twitch is the place to be these days apparently.
  • Chilla is sharing some PayPal news with regard to Apple transfers through iMessage.
  • Katie doesn’t have any porn this week, but she found some drones being used to drop contraband to prisons.
  • Speaking of drones, apparently Sorg had a stalker on one of his recent trips.
  • Sorg was saddened that he couldn’t take over Pokemon GO gyms at the airport due to updates.
  • Pokemon GO gym updates are going to change the game, literally.
  • Sorg is taking an over/under as to whether Chachi is catching Pokemon on his honeymoon.

Are you a musician? We’d love to talk updating our theme. Bonus points if you do it Mystery Science Theater style.

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AwesomeChat: Rizz Plays Games

Zach Rizza has been part of the Sorgatron Media family for some time, primarily talking wrestling with us on the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  But, he also some does pretty cool things with tech with his Rizz Plays Games.  He joins us to talk about not only playing video games, but how he uses a microphone and video set-up to live stream his games via Twitch, how he has developed his online persona, and more.

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Awesomecast 273: The Scarlet “W”

This week on Awesomecast 273, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • We have Carman and Chilla in Studio A for geeky tech talk.
  • Adobe is doing livestream and it’s pretty cool.
  • Remember Bob Ross and his happy little trees? The Joy of Painting Marathon is a thing, and it’s still happening.
  • Thanks @MissSinBin for letting us know about the MS Paint participants in Bob Ross painting experience.
  • Periscope – the “new” channel surfing? We’re having an interesting discussion about it.
  • Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is Air Parrot – stream your device to an Apple TV.
  • Carman is discussing Best Of The Burgosphere as his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
  • Our App Of The Week is Google’s “Who’s Down” app.
  • Looking to get your feet wet with smart watches? Check out the Martian Notifier.
  • Doug shares his shoutout from @Sling confirming Chromecast support.
  • Check out the Hillary Rodham Clinton paperdolls via our friends over at @InsertCoinTB.
  • Are Android and Chrome OS combining or not? We’re talking about some Wonder Twins Activate action between the two.
  • Windows 10 upgrades push changes for IT pros and bootleggers. Will Microsoft automatically offer it?
  • Skype co-founder builds delivery bot that rides on sidewalks. And Sorg loves that there’s another robot!
  • The Goog announces an update for Inbox app for AI-powered quick e-mail response.
  • Pittsburgh’s smart traffic lights are helping with vehicle pollution. Right here! In Pittsburgh!

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