AwesomeCast 185: Flappy Dong OR Photo 2 Ascii Converter

AwesomeCast 185: Flappy Dong OR Photo 2 Ascii Converter

awesomecast 185 flappy dong or ascii artOn AwesomeCast 185, we are talking all things awesome in technology with John Chichilla (@chilla), Katie Dudas (@kdudders), Nick Marino (@nickmarino), Neal Shyam (@nealrs) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:


  • We talk about the Flappy Bird situation and a possible replacement game in Amazing Cupid.
  • You can sell your Flappy Birded phone on EBay! Or not….
  • Chichilla talks about a new toy he got: HooToo TripMate.
  • Nick Marino talks about the FilmOn Website and what it does.
  • Neal Shyam talks about Openshift!
  • Sorg talks about HitBliss! Find out how you can watch some entertainment through this product.
  • We talk about how Chachi’s dog is on Google Street View.
  • We talk about Amazon Studios and what they are bringing to the streaming table.
  • We talk about Virgin Atlantic and the NYPD using wearable technology and its implications.
  • Chichilla tells us what is coming up next in the world of technology!

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From the show:

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