AwesomeCast 188: Harem of Men

AwesomeCast 188: Harem of Men

AwesomeCast 188: Harem of MenOn AwesomeCast 188, we are talking all things awesome in technology with John Chichilla (@chilla),  Katie Dudas (@kdudders) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:

  • Chichilla talks about his new stylus pen that is bluetooth as well.  It is called Adonit.
  • Katie talks about a tech ring kickstarter that can possibly help you pay bills.
  • Sorg talks about a Geico app that helps when you have car issues.
  • We talk some more about the WWE Network.
  • We discuss Apple unveiling CarPlay!
  • @christinaunger shares a way to see what is getting updated on Wikipedia at
  • @akahrs shares a site that allows one click conversations at
  • We talk about alternative media centers like XBMC!
  • We talk about the Microsoft Cortana!
  • We talk about the BroApp and how it can help (or hurt) your relationship.
  • We talk AnyFont.
  • We talk hoverboards and if HuvrTech is really producing one.
  • Chichilla tells us what is coming up next in the world of technology!

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From the show:



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