AwesomeCast 202: Turn Down For E3

AwesomeCast 202: Turn Down for E3This week on Awesomecast 202, we talk the latest and most awesome things going on in the world of technology, including:

  • A Cocoon backpack review from Chichilla.
  • An app that will let you see the full Lemans race.
  • LeRoy Jenkins and a ‘‘Turn Down For What’’ button.
  • Google Maps giving you alternate routes.
  • E3 coverage: The games talked about, what disappointed Chichilla, the release date debate, Project Morpheus, the use of the word exclusive, the laser tech used to replicate a race track, Nintendo Amiibo, level editing in Mario Bros., Anthony Walker explaining why Nintendo did not win E3 and more!
  • News about streaming content.
  • A Back to the Future replica.

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