AwesomeCast 208: With Podcasting Comes Responsibility

PodcastingThis week on Awesomecast 208, we talk the latest and most awesome things going on in the world of technology, including:



  • AppleTV and Netflix. – 2:00
  • Alphalab companies including one that really intrigues Sorg,! – 6:11
  • Recommended Apps like ComicZeal and Timehop. – 14:00
  • The launch of the comic book themed podcast PanelRiot! – 22:30
  • The technology around making the PanelRiot podcast.
  • Trying to cancel Comcast and in general breaking up with a provider. – 31:10
  • Huge orders for iPhone 6 handsets. – 38:30
  • Can we use the Moon’s underground caves to house astronauts?- 40:05
  • Must haves for cord cutters. – 43:55
  • A local theater (Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA) trying to go digital by using a Kickstarter ( – 53:20
  • Google not calling games with in-app purchases free anymore! – 57:00

After the show remember to:

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