AwesomeCast 216: Socialist Tuna Casserole

AC216This week on Awesomecast 216, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Tonight we’re talking with @diggy about Pixels of Fury. – 3:28
  • We’re talking about Denver’s technology community with Colorado’s legalization of marijuana.
  •  Check out some of the work @diggy‘s been doing with AIGA.
  • We’re excited about iOS addition of swipe.  Mixed feelings on the big screen sizing. 18:30
  • Sorg talks about his first few runs with Youtube Live streaming – 27:46
  • We talk with Steve Lee about National Podcast Day!  – 43:21
  • Facebook testing a way for users to schedule deletion of posts? – 59:02
  • The correct pronunciation of “Carnegie” brought to you by AwesomeCast crew and listeners. (This may be the most diverse show we’ve done.)
  • BuyPartisan.  An app that scans grocery barcodes to tell you whether your grocery supports Democrats or Republicans. – 1:03:56
  • Friend of the Show Walt Ribeiro has a Patreon Page at  Check out some of the awesomeness he does. 1:09:30
  • Microsoft bought the company that makes Minecraft. – 1:11:21
  • We talk about the folks at  for a laptop add-on for a 2nd mobile screen. – 1:17:19

After the show remember to:

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