AwesomeCast 220: Not Really Helpful

awesomecastThis week on Awesomecast 220, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

MP3 Downloads


  • Chilla talking the August electronic deadbolt. 6:30
  • WeMo® Light Switch Chilla update are a pain for Chilla. 11:40
  • Lokay talking Acorns for rounding up your spare change. 12:26
  • Sorg talks about Checky, and asks: are we addicted to our tech? 24:13
  • Sorg reminds us Pixlr is the ultimate web based Photoshop replacement 36:30
  • How to access Hyperlapse’s secret settings and record in 1080p 39:35
  • Trying to help Chachi pick a new Android cell phone!  Should he get the Samsung Galaxy 5 or the LG G3 45:30
  • Why are all of these people using the soft home button on the iPhone?  52:25
  • We’re talking GPS apps and some incidents with traffic authorities. What are you using? 58:23

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