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AwesomeCast 221: Apples and Lollipops

AwesomeCast - Android LollipopThis week on Awesomecast 221, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

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  • The XIM photo sharing app and what it does. 4:10
  • The Firechat app and why it is a good download for protesters. 10:50
  • Real hoverboards? 17:24
  • The new Nexus products and Android Lollipop 20:02
  • The Nexus Player and their latest attempt at TV with Google 28:17
  • Devices having infra red technology. 34:00
  • Apple news, like:
    • The news of iPad Air 2 and Apple Pay 38:10
    • The Retina 5K iMac. 42:45
    • The iPad Mini 3. 50:15
    • Some updates on the Yosemite program. 53:45
  • News on HBOGO, CBS and general talk about tv networks and programs. 55:30
  • Lastly, we discuss upcoming things going on in technology.

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