AwesomeCast 222: RFID In Everything But This Podcast

AC222This week on Awesomecast 222, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

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  • Discussion about some comments we received on “Hey Siri” and Microsoft Xim. 5:15
  • Talk on the features and more of the iPad Air 2. 14:19
  • Discussion on the NFL utilizing RFID Chips. 21:40
  • An app that makes your iPhone a 3D scanner. 30:10
  • Discussion on Google Inbox. 35:07
  • Discussion on e-mail.
  • Some talk on car tech. 45:00
  • Sorg talking about his experience with Verizon Innovations. 49:55
  • People that could use the Golden-I headset computer. 1:1:58
  • Discussion on the news that Microsoft will give unlimited and free storage with a purchase of Office 365. 1:05:00
  • The latest lawsuits on data usage. 1:11:16
  • The Nybus app that controls the light on your phone. 1:12:50
  • Talk on how Amazon is fighting Chromecast and Roku with the Fire TV Stick. 1:13:30
  • Upcoming things going on in technology.


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