AwesomeCast 225: Ladies Love Man Siri

AC225This week on Awesomecast 226, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • The HiRise for i products. 3:05
  • Siri being awesome when you are sick; along with general Siri discussion. 9:03
  • Android/iPhone discussion. 10:50
  • A Target app that can help you on Black Friday. 14:54
  • Free heat? We discuss Cloud&Heat. 21:40
  • Payphones in NYC turning into Wi-Fi stations. 27:26
  • Another alternative to cable in the Playstation Vue. 32:13
  • BuzzFeed’s WeChat app. 39:37
  • Facebook possibly trying to challenge Linkedin. 50:00
  • An app for a Type 9 Keyboard on your ios. 53:45
  • News on some things going on with Nokia. 59:00
  • Lastly, we discuss upcoming things going on in technology.

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