AwesomeCast 228: Security Balloons

AwesomeCast-228Added some very rough estimated times of when a topic was starting to be discussed on the show.

This week on Awesomecast 228, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Our Awesome things of the week: A possible password killer with FIDO 2:33
  • security system for your home with Sighthound. 6:00
  • Our thoughts on Google Inbox. 18:50
  • An awesome app called Fingerkey. 33:25
  • A Crock Pot WeMo. 38:45
  • An Apple CEO giving money to a Pittsburgh school district. 42:20
  • Discussion on an article from Computerworld about why we need ballons, drones etc. 43:35
  • An Android dual screen phone.51:50
  • HBO possibly going cableless. 58:04
  • Gmail letting you edit Office documents. 57:28
  • Lastly, we discuss technological gift ideas for the holidays.

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