AwesomeCast 229: 2015: The Real Rise of the ibeacon

AC229This week on Awesomecast 229, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Our awesome things of the year!
    • John Chichilla: Xbox One 3:00
    • Jim Lokay: Xfinity X1 Platform 6:30
    • Katie Dudas: HP Envy and Chromecast. 15:40
    • Will Rutherford:  Kindle Paperwhite and Marvel Unlimited app. 17:26
    • Cynthia Closkey: iPhone 6. 20:15
    • Mike Sorg: Nexus 7. 24:00
  • Revisiting predictions we had from 2014.35:00
  • Jim Lokay buys some Bullsh*t 56:00
  • Our predictions for 2015: 57:19
    • John Chichilla: Internet of Things standards will be implemented.
    • Jim Lokay: Cities will crack down on the Ubers of the world.
    • Cynthia Closkey: Friendly interfaces will make streaming services on tv grow.
    • Will Rutherford: Apple will produce a television set and one of the big streaming services is going to go away. (Probably the Amazon Prime.)
    • Katie Dudas: Issues will happen with user generated content from wearable technology and  brands will sneak in promotions on anonymous user applications.
    • Mike Sorg:  Microsoft will make a return.

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