AwesomeCast 230: Unicorn Tech

AC2230This week on Awesomecast 230, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Awesome things of the week: A rumored 12 inch Macbook Air ( 3:19 ), Friends on Netflix ( 11:40 )and  a Twit Studio visit by Sorg.( 16:30 )
  • App of the week: Video TV Cast for the Chromecast. 22:38
  • Discussion on a tech swap (GoogleGlass and Pebble) done by Sorg and Chilla. 28:07
  • Katie talks about a trip to Philly which featured a delivery from Amazon Fresh and a charging station for phones at a prison. 44:00
  • YikYak news: It is being used for safety purposes at Drexel University and has some Uber ads on it. 46:34
  • Patreon making big money. 48:09
  • Cheap smartwatches from Alcatel. 52:00
  • Some new things Nest is supporting. 59:40
  • Plex coming out with some new musical tech. 1:06:33

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