Awesomecast 250: Crossing the Periscope Streams

periscopeThis week on Awesomecast 250, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Snapchat hiring to cover 2016 Presidential campaign.
  • Discussion of the tech gap and the interesting scope our generation has, having seen technology become mainstream.
  • Android and Google Play now offering Periscope opens the door to more content.
  • Microsoft is cross-platforming Cortana.
  • Spotify to match music to your running pace.
  • Is Spotify the future of podcasting with its all-inclusive platform?
  • Instagram starting “highlight” e-mails similar to Twitter.
  • Microsoft will be preloading apps from LG and Sony on Android tablets.
  • Sorg succumbs to e-mail marketing from Moju and downloaded their app to check out their “motion Instagram” app.
  • We’re captivated by a Dunkin Donuts ad.
  • Sorg talks about his Apple Watch experience at the Apple Store.

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