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Awesomecast 263: Awesome Things Across the Millennia

Windows 95This week on Awesomecast 263, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is hitting up chat roulette with a live-action zombie shooter!
  • Chachi is playing catch-up this week. He’s been out of touch for the Little League World Series. For once, you can tell HIM what’s new.
  • Want to check out the chat roulette zombie game?
  • Awesome Thing of the Week Chilla edition: iPhone as a DSLR with the D X O – one
  • Our guest PGHPodcast’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Blackberry! Blackberry is going to make a comeback, no seriously
  • Chilla thinks there’s enough pent-up demand for a QWERTY keyboard. So much that there is an overlay. (And why Blackberry is a thing.)
  • Chachi is crossing the streams with Insert Coin to Begin with his Awesome Thing of the Week discussion of WiiU. Bottom line: Give Nintendo your money.
  • Next to the WiiU, Chachi is talking about his new Chrome Book.
  • The App of the Week is Giphy Cam. They want to be the Instagram of GIFs. And, they’re awesome!
  • We’re finding out Chachi has spent a lot of money lately. In addition to the WiiU and Chrome Book, he’s talking about Soda Stream!
  • Happy Birthday Windows 95! One more year and you’ll be legal to drink. 20 Years of Windows 95!
  • Sorg is remembering his Windows 95 ICP theme and its amazing sounds.
  • Google has a shiny new router to fix complicated wifi. And, it’s only $200!
  • Encarta 98 Mindmaze is a thing we’re discussing #AwesomeThingsAcrossTheMillennia

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