Awesomecast 264: Facebook M is for Making It

Blab.imThis week on Awesomecast 264, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Time for the Awesome Thing Of The Week and Chilla’s telling us about Amazon Prime offline video on iPhone and iPad. 
  • Epix is leaving Netflix and coming to Hulu, which means more options for your instant video viewing.
  • Instagram how has an answer to Snapchat with their new Visual Convos 
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is a throwback to our talk with The Hardware Store and a collaboration with them.
  • This week’s App Of The Week is Blab a video chat/broadcast platform beta. It’s basically #Periscope if you put 4 of them together.
  • Want to check out BLAB? We recommend it.
  • Is it too much social media with Twitter, Facebook, BLAB, Instagram, Periscope, etc.? How do you manage your time?
  • Want to win a Cord Cutters prize bundle from CNET? We’re curious…
  • Need an inverter? How about a JuiceBox? (Thanks @WPAJJuggalojohn for pointing this one out.)
  • Thank you Instagram! Finally allows landscape and portrait photos.
  • YouTube? Gaming? In the same sentence? Yep. YouTube Gaming is a thing.
  • Shoutout to Rizz while we check out his YouTube Gaming stream. (You can check him out, @RizzPlaysGames.)
  • Chilla sharing YouTube Gaming as an option to scope games. Beats relying on industry descriptions and ratings.
  • Talking Facebook’s response to Siri and Cortana: Facebook M 
  • Breaking down gender equality with Guy Siri vs. Girl Siri.
  • Katie is not over the hoverboard lie. And, she’s not alone.
  • Android wear now works with iPhones (kinda)

After the show remember to:

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