AwesomeCast - Cat Street View Hiroshima

Awesomecast 265: Cat Street View

AwesomeCast - Cat Street View HiroshimaThis week on Awesomecast 265, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is his Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (He likes the pen.)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a pretty cool 3D photo option, too.
  • Finally! A phone you can actually delete a bunch of “useless” preloaded apps. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Are you a beginner Android user? Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a nice introduction for you.
  • Periscope heading to AppleTV? Katie shares her Awesome Thing Of The Week telling us about it!
  • Sorg chimes in with his Awesome Thing Of The Week – Periscope Redux
  • Artistic project life (cosplay transformations, wedding video editing process, etc.) on Periscope is a thing. And, Chilla approves!
  • Our App Of The Week is follow-up to Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week – It’s Samsung’s SideSync
  • Chatroom contribution: Facebook M as a video option.
    Boost offers an extra 2GB of data to lock you into a plan. But, Android now offers Periscope. Win-win? (Thanks @alexanderkahrs)
  • We like Google Street View. Japan takes it to the next level Google Street View For Cats: (Thanks @chick_chris!)
  • Windows Continuum Dock turns your phone into a computer.
  • Will the Windows Continuum Dock solve PC upgrades because people actually update their phones?
  • Hulu without ads for $4 more a month. You’re welcome (and thank you Hulu)
  • Google’s new Street View App lets you add your own spherical photos.
  • Is there something going on tomorrow? Oh, yeah! Apple’s gonna tell us stuff tomorrow! And, they’ll tell us on other devices!
  • Chilla’s calling tablets taking a backseat for tomorrow’s announcements – focusing on iPhone and AppleTV. We’ll discuss next week.
  • Reminder: We WILL be tweeting tomorrow’s #AppleEvent. Check your twitter feed if you can’t make it to watch the event live.
  • Audience Poll: Do you actually use your phone to talk to people – using it as a PHONE versus messaging, etc.?

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