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AwesomeCast 268: Forcetouching a Mouse

iphone 6sThis week on Awesomecast 268, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • We’re showing our shiny new iPhone6s – as in we each have a new toy this week.
  • Tip from AJ: Put your iPhone6 face down to avoid “Hey Siri” response when it’s inconvenient.
  • Talking iPhone6s features.
  • Talking live motion photos on iPhone6s
  • Faster response time with iPhone6s touch ID for unlocking the phone. But, is it too fast?
  • Selfieflash is a thing with iPhone6s – We’ve warned you.
  • For iPhone6s cases make sure it has a lip. (That’s what adds protection to your screen when your phone drops.)
  • Listening to Chilla’s thoughts about app thinning. There’s some debate. How much phone do we need?
  • Force touch mouse on the iPhone6s. It’s MAGIC!
  • New Nexus phones came out today! Nexus 5X is happening for our non-fruit fans.
  • Android Marshmallow discussion about s’more to love. (Thanks Android for giving us that one.)
  • Nexus is a good line of phones. And, the new ones work with all carriers!
  • Chilla’s breaking down some thoughts on Android Marshmallow. Tune in for what he thinks about their security.
  • Google has an Android based Pixel C tablet. We’re checking it out now.
  • We’re taking a turn from phones and tablets to talk Chromecast
  • We’re sharing our thoughts about the new Chromecast design – that just hangs. But, it’s colorful!
  • Chromecast Audio has our interests piqued.
  • Blackberry Priv to launch this year. It’s still relative because there is a market for folks who want a keyboard.
  • White House announces broadband is a core utility and should be available to everyone – like power and water.
  • We’re holding off on our VR discussion so we can have a larger discussion when Chilla joins us back in Studio A next week. Tune in!

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