AwesomeCast 276: Evolution of the Emoji – Poop, Pizza and a Dictionary Entry

This week on Awesomecast 276, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

  • We’re joined in-studio this week by our favorite Microsoft guy – Krazy Krause!
  • Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is Microsoft’s Black Friday deal.
  • Sorg checked out the CLP Show Your Work event and has some thoughts to share about CEEMI.
  • Krause’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is his recent marriage! As far as tech, he’s going with the Microsoft Band.
  • From our friends over at SIDT Story Corps is working with Google to record family stories for archival.
  • Miss Sin Bin is sharing with us an eyeless spider named Smeagol as her Awesome Thing Of The Week.
  • Time Magazine has a top ten list (no surprise) of tech (no surprise) but #1 has us a little baffled.
  • We’re talking Little Bits – teaching kids building and programming skills.
  • Chilla’s talking about the Apple Pencil and some reviews he’s been reading up on.
  • Sorg is sharing an epilepsy warning with his next topic of discussion: Emoji Tracker.
  • Tesla Model X is coming out with an $80K price tag – for the low-end model. (But we still think it’s pretty cool.)
  • Tesla auto pilot is a thing. There’s video. And, we’re discussing all the crazy.
  • Government is rethinking its stance on self driving cars?
  • We’re introducing our peeps to Sweet – Hearst’s straight-to-SnapChat publication.
  • Shoutout to Wife Of The Show. She went to Start-UpWeekend Pgh to learn some new things – and came home with a new business: SYLA.

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