AwesomeCast 284: That Big Bird Money

This week on AwesomeCast 284, we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

  • We do cool things with Patreons. Like take them to Slice and invite them to co-host. Terri Hammond from Thistle Sea is joining us tonight!
  • Time for Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week. And, he’s talking about the Sam Mobile 360 virtual reality camera.
  • Terri’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is the 7Shifts app – tech to help business owners.
  • Sorg is sharing his Awesome Thing Of The Week. He finally pulled the trigger on Plex for his cordcutter life.
  • Sorg is also talking about his use of younity for his movie options.
  • Are you having problems with Handbrake? Search El Capitan broke Handbrake for a fix. (Sorg’s Pro Tip)
  • It’s great customer service when Slice knows our name and our weekly order when we call in for Podcast Day.
  • This week’s App of the Week is iDentify.
  • Amazon owns IMDB? Search The Man In The High Castle to see what we’re talking about. (And, it’s a good series.)
  • Sorg’s Tip Of The Week is Synergy for mouse and keyboard sharing across various platforms.
  • LA has a multimodal navigation app. Thanks to Alex Kahrs for the fan submission.
  • Sesame Street is getting into venture capital. No joke.
  • Drones are becoming a nuisance. So, eagles are being trained to take out illegal drones in the Netherlands.

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