AwesomeCast 285: #sorgmonkeybaby

This week on AwesomeCast 285, we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

  • Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is a mirror. Not because he’s that kind of guy. It’s because it’s a smart screen!
  • Dudders is using her new Macbook! And, it spiraled a fun tech conversation with Chilla and his new hardware.
  • Dudders’ Awesome Thing Of The Week is not her new Mac book, but is instead the @toolsforpeace Stop Breathe Think app.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is also a life hack in that he organizes his scheduling with @vytein.
  • We’re celebrating National Pizza Day with the perfect pepperoni pizza from Slice on Broadway. Show your support and vote!
  • Our App Of The Week is Wallapop.
  • Hallelujah! Instagram allows multiple account access. (Finally.)
  • Fitbit detects pregnancy.
  • 3D printer used so Superbowl 50 player could have a custom brace on his broken arm.
  • Facebook Messenger has a hidden chess game.
  • iRing allows you to have it as a stand holder and grip for your iPhone.
  • Twitter is joining the algorithm game and changing the timeline view for users.

After the show remember to:

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