AwesomeCast 294: Roughing It

This week on AwesomeCast 294, we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

  • What do we do without the internet?  Our crew shares tips for your non-internet survival guide.
  • We go down the rabbit hole discussing board games (many available to play at Looking for Group Pittsburgh!)
  • We discuss the latest impressions of Virtual Reality and the Oculus VR with John Lange.
  • What makes VR work in relation to the Nintendo Wii?
  • What sorts of 360 videos can take off with the platform?
  • How is the Orah 4i camera going to make these 360 videos more accessible
  • The coolest Raspberry Pi Game Boy.

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One thought on “AwesomeCast 294: Roughing It”

  1. I don’t know for a fact that OpenEMU ( was the Mac video game emulator you were talking about at the end of the show, but it has all the characteristics you described: iTunes like interface, emulators for just about every system built in, easy and beautiful. I never got an emulator before because overtime I tried one, it didn’t emulate some system that I wanted or it would lock up all the time or the controls didn’t translate quite right. But I tried OpenEMU and loaded it with ROMs from EMUParadise ( and I love it. I feel kind of bad because I would pay for all the games I want if I could get them legitimately for Mac or 360 or even Wii, but they get so tangled in licensing that it makes it pretty much impossible to do it. Because of that, the only other way I can get the games is to buy the old systems and games used, and the money still doesn’t get back to the creators that way anyway, so I’m pretty guilt free about doing it this way and buying the used ones as I can.

    I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s everything an emulation system should be.

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