AwesomeCast 296: Ladies Night

It’s AwesomeCast 196 and the ladies are taking over!

  • Katie’s Awesome Thing of the Week if President Obama trying out Google Cardboard VR…with googly eyes!
  • Cynthia’s Awesome Thing is the ingenuitea for optimal caffeine creation!
  • Missy’s Awesome Thing is the Apple Watch Kardia Band to upgrade the health tracking options.
  • App of the Week: Katie is liking WeDo for to do lists.  OR try out Trello.  Many of us are using it for task management!
  • Doug sent us an update from his SlingTV experience, including
  • Yik Yak has chat!
  • First Response has a bluetooth capable pregnancy test…and it will entertain you with an app while you wait?
  • We take a look at how VR Porn is made
  • Some places are installing road level stop lights to get the attention of walking texters

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