AwesomeCast 302: 6 Degrees of Samsung s7 Edge

We’re getting geeky and talking tech, social media, and more with the local nerds that use it on AwesomeCast 302!

  • Chilla was at Wizard World Philly. It was so awesome it made his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
  • Katie and googley eyes. Of course she’s telling us about her VR Awesome Thing Of The Week!
  • Sorg has been playing with his Raspberry Pi. He likes it so much it’s his Awesome Thing Of The Week this week.
  • We have an App Of The Week this week – Google Motion feeds your photos into movies or gifs using live photos.
  • You like VR? So do we! We’re psyched for VR backpacks and the potential it’s unlocking.
  • Comparing Holo Lens with Oculus Rift and other VR.
  • It’s like everyone is getting the Edge 7. So much so that it’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon in studio.
  • Facebook lets you be more discreet about tagging friends.
  • We’re talking about options for Facebook and Instagram integration from a business standpoint.
  • We use Slack for our project management. With Slack voice calling feature in beta, we have some thoughts.

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