Google Has Failed This Podcast | AwesomeCast 312

AwesomeCast 312: Google Has Failed This Podcast

This week!

  • Krause is excited for Google Duo for Facetime-like calls.
  • Sorg is geekd about a Hololens NES 8-bit 3D emulator!
  • Podcamp Pittsburgh had some fun talks about 360 Video and Podcasting!  Check out the videos on Podcamp Pittsburgh’s Youtube!
  • Google+ Hangouts OnAir are leaving Youtube as a streaming option in 4 weeks.  And Sorg is finally ok with having a studio this whole time.
  • Google is working on another OS with Fuchsia, but what could it be for?
  • Microsoft and Apple are still fighting over iPad vs Surface
  • OurData: The Ad Blocker that pays you?
  • Amazon Video is fulfilling a promise shown off at the first Podcamp Pittsburgh in 2006 by letting you buy food from their videos!

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