AwesomeCast 327: Two Weeks of Awesome

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  • Chilla signed up for DirectTV Now and he’s sharing his thoughts.
    • All the channels are in alphabetical order on #DirectTVNow?  #Genius
  • Sorgatron is talking about Netflix download and streaming options during his trip.
  • Back on US soil, Sorgatron checked out a Snapchat Spectacles setup in New York City
  • Thoughts from technology in Thailand
  • Touchscreen food service kiosks being proposed for McDonald’s here are already a reality in Thailand.
  • Chilla is discussing #Navdy, an installable projection display for your car.
  • Amazon has a grocery store.  That doesn’t require a cashier.  #GameChanger
  • Starting this Thursday, Starbucks will have a PokemonGo drink – and stores will be a pokestop or a gym.
  • Microsoft brought Solitaire to mobile devices.
  • Control more than your BB-8 with the wrist band, you can control your house or anything through IFTTT.

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