AwesomeCast 331: 12 Pounds of Intel Core

This week on AwesomeCast 331, we’re talking about awesome acthings in technology, including:

– We’ve got Chilla in Studio C with Krause, Sorg, and Dudders in studio.
– We’re reworking our Patreon – and there WILL be AwesomeCast Gold in the near future.
– Talking some hot merchandise with Chilla as his Awesome Thing Of The Week
– Out of CES Chilla is bringing us the Razer 3-monitor laptop as his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
– Dudders is focusing on the most important part of CES – augmented reality p0rn as her Awesome Thing Of The Week.
– Krause follows with his Awesome Thing Of The Week – his first Uber ride (not from Sorg).
– Sorg’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is how Wendy’s trolled someone so hard he deleted his account.
– Wrestling Mayhem Show crossover: Wendy’s discussion with TNA social media account also a thing.
– Sorg’s favorite never frozen pizza is Slice. We even did a Facebook LIVE with our favorite guys today! (Check it out.)
– This week’s App Of The Week is from Chilla – the Continual app (normally $7.99) is now free.
– What’s going on with Google Voice? Chilla is talking about some updates.
Mark Hamill dubbing Donald Trump tweets as The Joker?
– Our friend Brandon let us know about the new LG tv that’s less than 3mm thick.
– Dudders is procrastinating stopping procrastinating. But, there’s an app for that!
– What is cooler than 3D medical imaging?
Fitbit bought Vector – another Pebble competitor. Chilla is sharing his thoughts.
– Sorg got to attend the Ascender hackathon this weekend.
– Keep an eye out for our Awesome Chat video with Ascender coming out later this week.
– We’re talking an ambulance drone that can assist in emergency response.
– Uber just opened up city data.

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