AwesomeCast 337: Sorgcopter

This week on AwesomeCast 337, we’re talking about awesome things in technology with Sorg, Chilla, Rizz, Katie, and Producer Missy, including:

  • Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing Of The Week with Giphy releasing American Sign Language gifs.
  • Chilla is sharing his Awesome Thing Of The Week – Android Nougat (which he has before Krause).
  • McDonalds has reengineered drinking straws and Sorg is sharing as his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
  • Rizz has an Awesome Thing Of The Week and it’s a Nintendo Switch user who got his device early – without games.
  • What sort of tech podcast would we be if we didn’t talk about Pokemon GO updates?
  • Pikachu is getting a new hat for Pokemon Day, and Sorg is now on a mission.
  • John Cena and Nintendo are showing up in random places to promote the Nintendo Switch?!?
  • A power company uses drones with fire to burn debris from utility poles.
  • We like robots. So do Facebook Ads when they send the Jibo Robot to fan of the show, Amanda.
  • Darth Vader has to do chores, too, guys.
  • Katie missed out on the “adult” conversation last week, so she’s bringing up a porn VR webcam.
  • With all the advances we see in smartphones, Nokia is returning to a bar phone option with the return of Nokia 3310.
  • Our gadget guru Chilla is talking more wireless earbud options.
  • Tiny house meets off-grid living with a solar-powered pod.

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