AwesomeCast 340: Sassy AI

Because we have a scheduling conflict for our usual weekly podcast day (that’s Tuesdays for those of you not in the know), we got together for an early edition of this week’s show.  Doug, Amanda, Katie, and Sorg are on air for AwesomeCast 340.  This week we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

  • Katie gets to go to tradeshows for work. She’s sharing some doodads as her Awesome Thing of the Week this week.
  • Since Doug is playing with Katie’s toys, he’s sharing his Awesome Thing of the Week, Facebook Blueprint.
  • Apparently Facebook certification tests are akin to clearance testing – lots of procedure and protocol.
  • We’re talking Facebook ads and marketing.
  • Mobile apps aren’t as friendly for marketing.
  • Amanda is talking Instagram posting via Facebook for businesses.
  • Moving to Amanda’s Awesome Thing of the Week – Google Jamboard is due out in May.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is an Atomos digital recording adapter for his video camera.
  • Thanks to Brandon for letting us know about the Nintendo Switch controller being able to use for NES Classic.
  • Netflix, Hulu and other video services will also be available on Nintendo Switch.
  • Speaking of Nintendo Switch, Katie is sharing how U-Porn has had a drop in traffic thanks to the console.
  • Related: Zelda porn searches have gone up.
  • And, we’ve moved to Pokemon GO divorces as a topic of conversation.
  • Brandon is hitting the mark with his shared content this week. Pokemon GO hints at smart glasses options.
  • Katie is talking Hugging Face and sassy AI.
  • Is Hugging Face the new Tamagotchi?
  • We’re questioning who owns emoticons to provide rights for a movie.
  • Apis Cor did a 3D printed house in 24 hours and we’re impressed.

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