AwesomeCast 348: AIY Is The New DIY

Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are talking about some of this week’s tech news for AwesomeCast 348, including:

  • We’re turning down the geek knob a little and getting into this week’s Awesome Cast (Special Edition).
  • Shout out to our Pittsburgh Marathon peeps as it’s the thing to do during marathon weekend.
  • It’s time for our Awesome Thing of the Week and Katie has a Google Docs PSA.
  • Katie is deep-diving some things we may take for granted with app permission authorizations.
  • Google Docs phishing attack tips: Check before opening. Use a 2-step authentication process to help circumvent.
  • Chilla is sharing Annotable as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Annotable has handy tools for editing screenshots and pictures on the go.
  • Sorg is sharing a Raspberry Pi kit (get it with Mag Pi) to turn it into a dirt cheap Google Home competitor.
  • AIY is DIY for tech! (Automate It Yourself)
  • Sorg is a fan of electronics and cardboard options.
  • We have lots of stories from folks in our Facebook group!
  • Thanks to Brandon for sharing the Alexa Bliss and Amazon Echo story.  Sorg’s worlds are colliding.
  • Thanks to Doug for sharing a life hack tip for IFTTT (If This Then That) keeping track of ideas while driving.
  • Hey Trello can you get us Siri support to help integration flow a little smoother?
  • Uncle Crappy hit us up with a Beer Week wrap-up and a Chachi sighting!
  • Thanks to Chris Whitlatch for letting us know about an augmented reality UAV game.
  • Katie is telling us how easy it is to find porn on Tumblr using your iPhone.
  • Chilla has a cross-platform, streamable VR video player he’s telling us about.
  • Don’t drive with your VR headset on, kids.
  • The Hulu Live TV platform has launched. Sorg is sharing some thoughts.
  • Not a sports fan? Hulu Live TV offers a no-sports package (unlike cable TV packages).
  • We liked when Facebook brought us interactions for posts. We’re happy that they’ve extended it to comments!
  • Katie is sharing some thoughts on Facebook reactions and how she uses it for marketing.
  • Do you miss having a physical keyboard on your phone? Samsung is offering a physical keyboard overlay.

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