AwesomeCast 358: Debate Over the Brick Wall

We’re comparing new studio spaces with Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge this week!  Sorg, Chilla and Brian are bringing you the week’s tech news including:

  • Apparently we have a wall in our future?
  • Did you miss the Big Purple Couch Parade? Check out our Facebook videos from last week!
  • Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge is joining us tonight – with some updates from THEIR new studio, too!
  • Speaking of The River’s Edge, we’re getting a new time slot!
  • Tune in over there to check us out Saturdays at 9am.
  • It only took Sorg 10 years to get out of the basement. We’d love to show you the new space!
  • Chilla is telling us all about Apple allowing up to 10K beta testers per app thanks to Test Flight.
  • Will Apple’s 10K beta tester limit for Test Flight make it better for developers?
  • Brian is sharing a digital projector as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Speaking of digital projectors, Sorg shares one of his favorite digital projectors at Dependable Drive-In.
  • Brian’s LED Miroir projector is a little smaller than the Dependable Drive-In.
  • Leave it to Chilla to consider Chromecast or AppleTV adaptation for Miroir.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week was his overdose of video games at Replay FX over the weekend.
  • Sorg was impressed by the band playing the Duck Tales music during game play at Replay FX.
  • Sorg realized Battle Toads is a little more violent than he remembers thanks to Replay FX.
  • How about powering a pinball machine with a bicycle? Sorg is sharing that experience from Replay FX.
  • Sorg wasn’t the only one who checked out Replay FX. Chilla is also sharing his experience!
  • Speaking of games, if you’re in Austin check out the 50 years of electronic gaming exhibit.
  • Woodworking meets Star Wars?
  • Will Overwatch overtake the NFL with viewers? Brian is sharing some thoughts.
  • Hey Looking for Group we may be scheduling an Overwatch outing so we can have knowledgeable conversations. 😉
  • Chilla is sharing some Avid news about a free version.
  • Brian is sharing some news about the new studio space!
  • There’s a world’s largest super soaker?!?!

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