AwesomeCast 359: Mystery Box

Buzzy Torek of Epicast joins Katie on the big purple couch this week.  They’re chatting some tech news with Sorg and our awesome chat room, including:

  • We’re LIVE with this week’s tech talk with Buzzy of Epicast and Katie.
  • Buzzy is talking some music happenings for the Allentown neighborhood in Pittsburgh.
  • Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – the Red Bull Flugtag she participated in this weekend.
  • Buzzy tried to find his Awesome Thing of the Week, and went with a very high-tech fidget spinner from Replay FX.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is a combination of his new XBox One obtained via Offer Up.
  • Buzzy is sharing a great bluetooth speaker option from Anker.
  • Now that Sorg has an XBox One, all of his friends are now on PS4. *Sad Trombone*
  • Thanks to Brian’s Awesome Thing of the Week last week, long-time listener Wheelz has a new toy!
  • Thanks to Brandon for sharing some audiobook options for studio dog Wicket.
  • Ebay has a mystery box option, and Sorg has some ideas to get rid of stuff from the basement.
  • Facebook shut down a Snapchat competitor – LifeStage.
  • Netflix has a bit of news this week, like Disney is leaving, for starters.
  • Netflix has also acquired Mark Millar’s publishing house.
  • Comics seem to prefer Netflix to Comedy Central these days.
  • YouTube Red outbid Netflix and Amazon for a Karate Kid comedy series?
  • Pro wrestlers apparently use Sarahah App.
  • Apparently smart cars (the self-driving variety) have issues with altered signs.
  • YouTube has a messaging feature now.
  • Katie and Missy will be hanging out at Steel City Con this weekend. Stop by and say hi to them.
  • Shout out to Meta Mesh who hooked up the new studio as the first node of the Beechview network.

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