AwesomeCast 360: Dropbox Hoarder

We’re LIVE with the YaJagoff John Chamberlin, Chilla and Sorg. John is just off a wirlwind trip following last week’s Red Bull Flugtag, and is ready to talk some chat and Pittsburgh, including:

  • John admits he’s here because of the Slice on Broadway pizza.
  • John is also sharing some of the fun things he’s been doing – like hitting up porches and flugtagging.
  • It’s time for our Awesome Thing of the Week segment!
  • Chilla is sharing some Snapchat seamless video news.
  • Is Snapchat’s seamless video option a way for them to try to stay in the game?
  • Facebook is looking to do TV to reach a broader audience.
  • John’s Awesome Thing of the Week is the Red Bull Flugtag. He just hasn’t been on air to talk about it yet.
  • John is talking about the professional, sports-level production involved with the Red Bull Flugtag.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is actually a person – Mike Elgan, the digital nomad!
  • If your stuff is branded, does it make you a higher profile target for theft?
  • Apparently there’s a VR game you can CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND?!?!?
  • We’re talking about some cool options for adaptive VR.
  • When you find out IKEA products are featured in Game of Thrones, but not the way you think.
  • A silent 10-minute song is climbing the music charts?
  • Movie Pass gives you unlimited movies for $10 a month.
  • All of this talk about bigger name movie theaters, Sorg is giving a shout out to the Hollywood Theater.
  • Sorg is talking about how digital options have changed not only his gaming – but also his video collection.
  • Whether you drive or ride Lyft or Uber, rideshare complimentary products are available through CarGo.
  • LinkedIn lost a preliminary battle regarding data protection.

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