AwesomeCast 363: I Think I’m a Twizzler?

This week we’ve got James Deighan of Megacat Studios in studio, and he brings a friend from Sorg’s other world (the Wrestling Mayhem Show) with him. It’s a great chat with them and our usual suspects, Sorg and Chilla, as they talk about:

  • Otherwise, James develops games, when not stuck behind a microphone in studio.
  • Chilla has paper. We are super confused.
  • With Chilla talking about Hershey Park, we may have lost Producer Missy to a chocolate haze.
  • Chilla may have stolen this piece of paper he’s holding from another family at Hershey Park.
  • Planning a trip to Hershey Park? There’s a layer of wifi – and it’s interactive to their digital map!
  • Dear Kennywood – take some cues from Hershey Park, please.
  • It’ll make user experience so much better.
  • Chilla feels the Hershey Park experience makes it worth another trip.
  • James is sharing Full Quiet as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • We’re talking some game development with our game developer, James Deighan.
  • As a secondary Awesome Thing of the Week, James is talking some Log Jammers.
  • Sorg is literally playing with his Awesome Thing of the Week (thanks to Looking for Group)
  • It seems like everyone has a Back to School sale – even tech companies that don’t have much to do with school?
  • Shout out to Amanda for inviting us out to the mall for some super special Apple stuff this past weekend.
  • Sorg is sharing home automation updates with Chilla. Talk about a turn of events.
  • This episode has turned into an Apple Store experience discussion?
  • We’re learning about the concept of trading pistachio shells for Apple products.
  • Chilla is sharing his travel tips about taking extra tech.
  • Where’s Waldo meets 3D?
  • Pittsburgh has the COOLEST mural: Magneto (wait for it) at a metal scrap yard!
  • There’s an Apple Watch controversy with the Red Sox?
  • Remember when the biggest concern with watches was when you could use your watch calculator on a test?
  • Screaming like a super saiyan is apparently a thing that happened on the internet?
  • A kid’s being paid a $150K salary to play video games? 0.o

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