AwesomeCast 364: The Lowercase “i”s

This week we’ve got Susan and Vance of Ohio Linuxfest in studio to share some news about their event at the end of the month. We’ve also got our usual cast of characters with Sorg, Katie, and Chilla as we talk about the obvious things – Apple updates!

  • Susan and Vance are sharing this year’s Ohio Linuxfest as their Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Katie is talking about what happens when you don’t realize other people can see what you like on social media.
  • Speaking of some things you may not realize people are seeing, check out Web Thinger for some ProTips.
  • Chilla is trying to share ALL OF THE Apple Event as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Apple’s iPhone updates aren’t THAT much different – but, they’re totally different.
  • Now that Apple is bringing us facial recognition – how is that going to affect Snapchat?
  • Katie has hit her ” Get Off My Lawn” issue with iPhone.
  • Sorg hangs onto everything – like this first gen iPhone he just pulled out.
  • Katie is weighing the need to update her phone now with her desire to wait out the new iPhone.
  • We’ve got some thoughts about the Note 8 in comparison to the new iPhone from our in-studio guest.
  • Who’s looking to get an Apple Watch after today’s Apple Event?
  • Sorg is keen on the Apple Watch health integration from today’s Apple Event.
  • We’re taking a little detour through some Apple Watch discussion following today’s Apple Event.
  • Apple TV will be 4K thanks to the Apple Event updates.
  • We’re commissioning a movie night in the future with Chilla in his home of the future.
  • Apple Stores are not, in fact stores, but town squares.
  • We’re excited about the larger Apple charging mat. We’re not so excited about the need for some other things.
  • We just found out Chilla’s Batman utility belt contains an Apple TV.
  • Ever play hide-and-seek in a haunted house? Katie has! And she Facebook LIVE broadcasted it.

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