AwesomeCast 372: Face Lasers

Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge (and soon-to-be The Metal Edge) joins Sorg and Chilla to talk about this week’s tech news.  Of note, they’re talking about:  

  • Brian is sharing some news about The Metal Edge!
  • We’re learning things – like Pittsburgh has the 3rd largest metal scene.
  • Brian is talking about his Chrome remote desktop app as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • p.s. That Chrome remote desktop is FREE.
  • Chilla is chiming in with low bandwidth and high response rates. We swear he’s giving it a legit thumbs-up.
  • Sorg is apparently remodeling the studio with Amazon AR as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Of course we’re talking Star Wars box set versions.
  • Who wants to talk comic books turned movies? Welcome to this week’s podcast.
  • Chilla got his hands on an iPhone X and feels like he’s living in the future with his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • The iPhone X has been rated as the most breakable. But, has anything ever been rated as indestructible?
  • iPhone X has facial recognition – or as we’re calling it FACE LASERS!
  • Chilla is impressed with how reactive the iPhone X is with facial recognition in the dark.
  • Chilla is breaking down some Android devices.
  • Thanks to Brandon for sharing the custom Lego art.
  • Playstation trophies (gamer points) can now be used to purchase games?
  • Razer has released a phone – for gamers.
  • Dear Apple TV, please give us more game options.
  • AR navigation is a thing?
  • We’re talking AR vs VR. Some great discussion with Chilla and Brian.
  • So…the HoloLens has been certified as protective eye wear!

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