AwesomeCast 381: Blades of Grass Test

Krause is in studio with Sorg as Chilla joins in remotely from Studio C this week.  In a post-CES world, we’ve got a ton of stuff we’re talking about this week, including:

  • Krause got a new TV he’s sharing as his Awesome Thing of the Week. It’s a Samsung 4K.
  • Chilla and Krause are sharing some standard operation chatter about protocol for new tech installation – as in how to use the new remote(s) properly!
  • Want to cut the cord? There are plenty of over the air options out there!
  • We’ll be getting 4K over the air?!?!
  • Chilla is SO EXCITED for the release of Home Pod.
  • It’s the gift that keeps on giving with delayed release options and upgrades!
  • Sorg is into some DIY for his Awesome Thing of the Week – as in cardboard add-ons for Nintendo Switch.
  • Pittsburgh company WeSpeke is partnering with CNN to provide language lessons while checking out the news.
  • Thanks to Laura for sharing the Quantum Leap map this week!
  • YouTube TV has 300K subscribers in less than a year.
  • Streaming TV options are great for bringing your TV with you no matter where you go.
  • We’ve got some great cord cutting options if you’re looking for some comparisons.
  • Screen share your iOS device for remote help using a new TeamViewer option.
  • We talk about drones rather frequently, but here’s a first – A lifeguard drone made its first rescue!
  • From a lifeguard version to a pocket version, there’s pretty much a drone for everyone these days.
  • We’re ending this week’s podcast with some app recommendations! (Files Go, Drafts)

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