AwesomeCast 383: Tesla in Space

We’re going to the moon this week, or at least into space?  Wherever we’re going, it’s with Sorg, Chilla, and Carman as they’re talking about:

  • Sorg is starting off with his Awesome Thing of the Week from Lyft.
  • We’re comparing some Lyft v Uber horror stories with Sorg and Carman.
  • Carman’s Awesome Thing of the Week is the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, but especially the Tesla in Space!
  • Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Patreon integration with photo and video app features.
  • We’re having an interesting discussion about live video editing broadcast via streaming video options.
  • Pittsburgh has a fish fry map. And, it’s glorious!
  • Remember the guy who turned his cat into a drone? He’s working on a helicopter cow!
  • Hado gives us an AR esports tournament, and we’re pretty happy with it.
  • Speaking of glasses… Intel is developing the new smart glasses.
  • How much are you willing to spend on a new phone?
  • We’re going to SPACE! (At least with our discussion.)
  • Did you catch the Curiosity rover’s images from Mars?
  • A lost Mayan city has been discovered!

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