AwesomeCast 384: Immersive Language Learning With Siri

Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are joined by Jack Morgan of Duolingo this week.  They’re sharing some tech news, including:

  • Sorg has the perfect Awesome Thing of the Week for Chilla – an Iron Man AR helmet!
  • Our biggest question about the Iron Man AR helmet – does it fit adults? Because we all really want one ourselves.
  • Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – a sponsored post in Tech Crunch with NONONONONO Cat!
  • Speaking of cats…Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Rift Cat.
  • Jack’s Awesome Thing of the Week is a WIRED documentary on the Silicon Valley of hardware – Shenzhen, China.
  • Best Buy will stop selling CDs because of digital music revenue, while Target will sell them under consignment.
  • Sorg is sharing his collection of old technology – like VCRs and 1992 tech.
  • Despite the trend toward digital, Netflix originals are finding their way to DVD for cross marketing.
  • Crystal Dynamics is taking on the Avengers game next!
  • My Little Pony meets Street Fighter and Sorg wants Hasbro to leave them alone so it can be made.
  • Black Mirror is more and more realistic thanks to Boston Dynamics.
  • Chilla is sharing some progressive web app updates.
  • Google is working on app development for a smart response option for all of your chat.
  • Google is working on a video game streaming service?
  • Sorg is digging Social Decay – an art installation of social icons in decay.

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