AwesomeCast 392: Zuckerberg Magic

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on BroadwayAlex Kahrs Design & Media, and The Millvale Music Festival!

It’s a jetlagged edition of AwesomeCast with the LA returned Sorg, along with Katie and Chilla in studio!

  • Sorg is sharing Hoopla as his AwesomeThingOfTheWeek.
  • Sorg discovered that Hoopla has ShortCircuit, and we may have derailed the Podcast.
  • Katie is sharing an Instagram fancy portrait photo option with Focus as her AwesomeThingOfTheWeek.
  • The moral of this week’s Podcast: Use Instagram.
  • Chilla’s AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is a recommendation to support additional authentication – including Biometrics to be used to log into things like websites.
  • Speaking of Biometrics, Sorg is making a plea to CLEAR to come to Pittsburgh.
  • Pittsburgh has a new Food Delivery service with DoorDash.
  • Chilla is calling for a Yelp review of our various Food Delivery services to help narrow down which ones are good and which ones aren’t.
  • You can plug your Instagram account information into IGaudit and it will tell you how many real followers you have.
  • Google has updated older versions of Android phones with GoogleAssistant!
  • Sorg loves the AI level of intelligence and responsiveness with GoogleAssistant.
  • Have an OpenAir workspace?  HushMe goes over your mouth and connects with earbuds to provide Privacy for cellphone calls.
  • Katie has been watching a new TV show with Mark Zuckerburg and confused old people today.
  • Sooo…..a  Senate Hearing…broadcast on Twitch?
  • Things we learned during the Mark Zuckerburg testimony: Targeted Ads are more of a thing than we realized.
  • If you do ads and marketing on Facebook, you may want to look into other options.
  • Chilla is a fan of paper things.  Microsoft has a (temporarily) Free App that offers a freehand note app via Penhook.
  • WestWorld may have set a standard on Spoilers through a Reddit poll.
  • Podcasts on Pandora?
  • Want to keep up with your friends IRL – by using an App? Garden may be your answer!
  • Speaking of @millvalemusic, we’ll have an AwesomeChat with them tomorrow evening!

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