AwesomeCast 407: Glow Means Go

This week’s episode brought to you by  ScareHouse, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media!

Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are in studio this week as Beechview celebrates National Night Out just up the block.  This week’s topics of discussion include:

  • Katie brought a friend this week!
  • Katie is sharing Waze as her Awesome Thing of the Week – because it’s been lifesaving for her.
  • For those who HAVEN’T seen it, there was a train derailment in Pittsburgh – which is one of the reasons Katie is so thankful for Waze.
  • Chilla is also giving a shout out to the City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Port Authority for being on top of things.
  • Another awesome thing Katie and Sorg use Waze for? Speed zone notifications. Sometimes it’s hard to see those signs, and it’s helpful.
  • Chilla is sharing the Sennheiser Memory Mic as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is a Windows Pro upgrade.
  • Bonus to Windows Pro = Remote Desktop!
  • Creation Labs is opening in the Pittsburgh South Hills!
  • The Pittsburgh Current has a nice feature – with some information about our friends at Sorgatron Media.
  • Sorg got an e-mail DIRECTLY from the MoviePass CEO, guys!
  • Parents are hiring Fortnite tutors for their children.
  • Fortnite added motion control on your mobile device?!?!
  • Tesla is adding Atari games to its cars – including Pole Position (using the car’s steering wheel)!
  • As if ziplines aren’t crazy enough, let’s add a VR component to it!
  • Chilla found a very nice Logitech wireless charger – after he already bought a different one. *womp womp*
  • Will you be in Pittsburgh this weekend? Stop by Steel City Con and say hi to Katie at the ScareHouse booth.

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