AwesomeCast 426: The Brave Little Toaster Problem

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It’s that time of year when we get ready to take some time off to spend the holidays with our families.  But, that also means that it’s time for our year-end wrap up with our Awesome Thing of the Year items and predictions.  This week we’re talking about:

  • Chilla is sharing Nintendo Switch as one of his Awesome Thing of the Year candidates.
  • Chilla is also sharing Apple Music on Amazon as his Awesome Thing of the Year.
  • For those who have followed Chilla’s track record of tech items, he has 7 screens with him in studio for this episode.
  • Cynthia is sharing Google Home’s partnership with Disney and Little Golden Books as her Awesome Thing of the Year.
  • Krause is sharing Microsoft Ignite as his professional Awesome Thing of the Year.
  • Krause is sharing Google Home and home automation as his home version Awesome Thing of the Year.
  • Uncle Crappy is sharing email as his Awesome Thing of the Year. (Yes, you read that right – email.)
  • Sorg is sharing his Pokemon GO as his Awesome Thing of the Year.
  • We’re running down last year’s predictions. Let’s see which ones happened, and which ones didn’t!
  • Now that we’ve figured out what we got right and wrong in last year’s predictions, it’s time for our 2019 predictions in tech:

Chilla: Video based communications will grow to a point that starts to threaten audio only

Cynthia: Netflix will maintain the lead in SVOD, but it will lose ground outside the US.

Sorg: A new Social Media/Media player will rise

Crappy: AI will become more prevalent in journalism

Krause: I think we will see even more integration when it comes to home automation. People are going to start talking to everything.

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