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For over 200 episodes, AwesomeCast has brought together those working with technology, enthusiasts, and creators to talk about technology, the internet, and social media and watching it grow.  This show was started with the idea of getting the opinion of those NOT in New York or California, where so much of our tech news and conversation comes from.

Regular contributors include:

Michael Sorg: Podcaster since 2006, he uses technology every day in video production and distribution as well as social media and web development work in his own business with Sorgatron Media.

John Chichilla: Uses technology every day as a mobility product manager/subject matter expert for a large financial institution.

Katie Dudas: Grad student examining the way technology is changing the way the world communicates.

Michael Pound: Long time Digital Journalist and the area “Beer Guy” with area newspapers.

Cynthia Closkey: Web developer and techno-geek heading up her own company in Big Big Design.

AJ Kuftic: A datacenter engineer specializing in cloud


These, and a cast of thousands-ish contribute to the conversation!

We want to take AwesomeCast to the new level.  Your Patreon contribution will contribute to improvement of the show’s quality, outreach, and expansion into potential new shows!

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