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Awesome Chat: Mike Pound

Mike Pound, affectionately known to our crew as Uncle Crappy, stopped by to check out the studio since we shuffled things around not so long ago.  Since he stopped by early, we snagged a chat about what he’s doing online these days.  Starting with the origin of his online moniker, we moved on to his work with Beer Me, an online college football project with Carla Swank, and some general information about what it’s like working for a traditional media company in a new media world.

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AwesomeCast 333: Make America Kittens Again

This week on AwesomeCast 333, we’re talking about awesome things in technology with Sorg, Chilla, Producer Missy and the news’ Mike Pound, including:

– Mike is sharing some of the stuff he’s been up to – including Beer Me!
– Mike is bringing news media into the discussion as his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
– Pro Tip from Mike – Fact check! factcheck.org, politifact.com, snopes.com.
– We’re talking a standardized pants-on-fire metric for news stories to help people determine validity of posts.
– Moving on to some lighter topics, Chilla’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is The Hunted on CBS.
– Sorg’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is the movie Nerve. An ultimate Truth Or Dare.
– Speculating on darknet after watching Nerve.
– Missy’s Awesome Thing Of The Week is a gadget that snaps onto your guitar for a Guitar Hero learning style.
– Shout out to Slice on Broadwaye for their continued support of the show with the perfect pepperoni pizza!
– Our App Of The Week is a layer picture editor app.
– Thanks to Brandon for contributing the Soda Tap to this week’s discussion.
– There’s a bacon toaster?
– Tired of the news? You can change pictures of Donald Trump to kittens!
Chromebook is making another push.
– Microsoft is making a push for education.
– Google is making an affordable VR option with Daydream VR.
– Amazon made a dash button for candies. The gift that keeps on giving.
– Amazon needs to partner the dash candy/chocolate button with local florists to save guys from doghouses.

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