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AwesomeCast 342: Internet of the Brain

Sorg and Chilla are joined by Kenny Chen of Ascender for AwesomeCast 342 talking about awesome things in technology, including:AC

  • Kenny is telling us about what he does at Ascender. Cool guy doing cool things.
  • It’s time for Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week and he’s telling us about Samsung.
  • p.s. Want to check out what’s new in Samsung? They have a huge announcement TOMORROW.
  • Show of hands: Who carries both an iPhone and Android device for one reason or another?
  • Sorg is getting stalkerish with his friends. Google Maps location sharing will make it easier.
  • We’ve talked about XPrize previously. Kenny is sharing Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • What kind of geeks would we be if we didn’t mention Elon Musk and his neuralink?
  • Neuralink: It’s like IoT and the Internet of the Brain.
  • Donating computer resources is still a thing – just like it was in 1995.
  • We’re talking about how we can technologically enhance our perfect pepperoni pizza experience with Slice on Broadway.
  • Thank you Brandon for sharing how we can share taste via the internet!
  • Bobby and Mad Mike there is hope for you to have digital Slice!
  • Rick Sebak is doing something uber geeky – he’s running a Kickstarter campaign to bring us more stories.
  • Thanks to Andy for bringing us the cutest share this week – a little girl hugging a water heater.
  • Bobby needs to come back on the show – maybe after we go to the Super Mario bar he mentioned this week.
  • NASA has the cutest little origami robot!
  • Chilla is sharing some Android updates – including another beta.

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