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AwesomeCast 371: The Cheese Is On The Bottom

It’s Halloween – but, that doesn’t stop Podcast Day!  We’ve got a stash of candy on the street for passing trick-or-treaters as Krause, Katie, and Sorg talk this week’s tech news, including:  

  • Krause has his Awesome Thing of the Week – his Pixel 2XL.
  • Also exciting in the Krause world is his Android tablet.
  • Katie is talking Find It On Ebay as her Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • We’re talking some comparison points between Amazon and Ebay.
  • Sorg is sharing some Tesla news as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Game Stop is offering rental service?
  • Movie Pass updated their terms of service to try to prevent people from cancelling and re-upping.
  • Krause and Chilla have been chatting iOS updates – and emoji importance.
  • Apparently there’s a wrong way to stack a cheeseburger emoji?
  • Katie is wavering between iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus for updates – and a trip to Disney may have the answer.
  • We’re finding out Katie was a Blackberry girl.
  • Nissan is swapping engine noises for songs?
  • Amazon has a key service exclusively for Amazon Prime users in select cities.

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