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AwesomeCast 349: Promised Porn

Sorg returns to bring us our regularly scheduled podcast day!.  This week, he is joined by Chilla, and Katie – as well as special guest, Mike Pound (aka Uncle Crappy).  The crew is talking about some of this week’s tech news for AwesomeCast 349, including:

  • We’ve got Mike Pound (aka Uncle Crappy) in studio recording this week’s Awesome Chat before we go LIVE for Awesome Cast.
  • We’re BACK! We’ve got some craft beer, some Uncle Crappy and some Dudders thanks to Katie and it’s Podcast Day!
  • Uncle Crappy is kicking off our Awesome Thing of the Week segment with some James Bond tech talk.
  • Katie may be moving to Portland for her Awesome Thing of the Week – Parking Kitty.
  • We may have to visit Rob to check out Parking Kitty.
  • Sorg lives in a VR world these days. His Awesome Thing of the Week is Google IO updates dealing with VR.
  • Chilla got his Air Pods and is sharing them this week as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Instagram is changing the stories game.
  • Want to lock down your Snapchat by location or who can view it? There are some new options now.
  • It’s official Katie prefers Snapchat to other similar video platforms.
  • Snapchat difficulty is getting to an audience. Facebook gives great options to download and share to YouTube.
  • There are changes coming to Facebook LIVE, and Uncle Crappy is sharing some thoughts.
  • Microsoft had some announcements. Chilla is sharing some thoughts on the Surface Pro.
  • Katie is bringing us to the promised porn.
  • European hotels will be offering VR in-room porn.

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