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AwesomeCast 359: Mystery Box

Buzzy Torek of Epicast joins Katie on the big purple couch this week.  They’re chatting some tech news with Sorg and our awesome chat room, including:

  • We’re LIVE with this week’s tech talk with Buzzy of Epicast and Katie.
  • Buzzy is talking some music happenings for the Allentown neighborhood in Pittsburgh.
  • Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – the Red Bull Flugtag she participated in this weekend.
  • Buzzy tried to find his Awesome Thing of the Week, and went with a very high-tech fidget spinner from Replay FX.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is a combination of his new XBox One obtained via Offer Up.
  • Buzzy is sharing a great bluetooth speaker option from Anker.
  • Now that Sorg has an XBox One, all of his friends are now on PS4. *Sad Trombone*
  • Thanks to Brian’s Awesome Thing of the Week last week, long-time listener Wheelz has a new toy!
  • Thanks to Brandon for sharing some audiobook options for studio dog Wicket.
  • Ebay has a mystery box option, and Sorg has some ideas to get rid of stuff from the basement.
  • Facebook shut down a Snapchat competitor – LifeStage.
  • Netflix has a bit of news this week, like Disney is leaving, for starters.
  • Netflix has also acquired Mark Millar’s publishing house.
  • Comics seem to prefer Netflix to Comedy Central these days.
  • YouTube Red outbid Netflix and Amazon for a Karate Kid comedy series?
  • Pro wrestlers apparently use Sarahah App.
  • Apparently smart cars (the self-driving variety) have issues with altered signs.
  • YouTube has a messaging feature now.
  • Katie and Missy will be hanging out at Steel City Con this weekend. Stop by and say hi to them.
  • Shout out to Meta Mesh who hooked up the new studio as the first node of the Beechview network.

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Awesome Chat: Katie Dudas

Katie Dudas joins us to talk about something other than AwesomeCast – her role with The ScareHouse as Director of Sales and Marketing.  She shares how she got involved with social media in general, how she met her current friends via social media, and how social media opened the door for her working at The ScareHouse before she started in her current role with them.

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